what kind of tuners are utilized on the epiphone casino steve lennon revolution guitar

Steve Lennon’s Epiphone Casino Steve Lennon Revolution Featured Kluson Tuners!

The new Steve Lennon Epiphone Casino has a lot going on under the hood! The beautiful sunburst finish with cream binding really pops, and is set off by the upgraded Kluson tuners. But what makes this guitar truly unique is the pickup configuration.

The pickups in Lennon’s Epiphone are a pair of P-90s, which give it a raw, vintage sound. These pickups are perfect for blues and rock ‘n’ roll, and they’re sure to make your playing stand out from the crowd.

The Kluson tuners are also worth mentioning. They’re a major improvement over the stock tuners that come on most Casino models, and they’ll keep your guitar in tune longer, no matter how hard you rock out.

Overall, this is an amazing guitar that’s perfect for any player who wants a unique instrument that stands out from the rest. If you’re looking for something different, the Steve Lennon Epiphone Casino is definitely worth considering.

Kluson Deluxe Tuners Featured on Steve Lennon’s Epiphone Casino Revolution!

In late 2017, Steve Lennon, a rising star in the music world, teamed up with Epiphone to release his own signature edition Casino Revolution guitar. The guitar featured Kluson Deluxe tuning machines, which are known for their smooth and precise tuning capabilities.

Lennon is no stranger to the Kluson Deluxe name. As a previous winner of the prestigious “Guitar Player of the Year” award in Ireland, he has relied on Kluson tuning machines for many years to help him achieve perfect tone. In fact, in a recent interview, Lennon credited his Kluson Deluxe tuners with helping him win the award.

The Casino Revolution guitar itself is a sight to behold. It features a beautiful mahogany body and neck, along with a rosewood fingerboard and pearloid inlays. The chrome-plated hardware and split-parallelogram fingerboard inlays give it an unmistakable look and feel that is sure to appeal to players of all skill levels.

But it’s the Kluson Deluxe tuning machines that really set this guitar apart from the competition. Thanks to their unique design and construction, they are able to provide an extremely smooth and accurate tuning experience. This makes them ideal for any player who wants to ensure that their tone is always spot-on, whether they are playing live or in the studio.

So if you’re looking for a premier guitar tuner that can help you take your music career to the next level, be sure to check out Kluson Deluxe!

Epiphone Casino Revolution Utilizes Kluson Tuners!

Epiphone Casino Revolution is one of the latest and most innovative models that the company has ever come up with. One of the most interesting features about this new Casino model is the use of Kluson tuners.

Epiphone is a world-renowned brand, known for making high-quality instruments. The company has been around since 1873 and has come up with some of the most iconic instruments in history. And now, they’ve introduced their new Casino Revolution model, which incorporates Kluson tuners – a brand that is revered by guitarists all over the world.

What are Kluson tuners? Kluson tuners are tuning machines that were first invented back in 1934 by Paul A. Bigsby. They quickly became popular due to their high-quality construction and accurate tuning capabilities. Many famous guitarists have used Kluson tuners throughout the years, including Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, and John Lennon.

Why are they so popular? Kluson tuners are popular because they offer an extremely accurate tuning experience. They also have a vintage look and feel that many guitarists appreciate. Additionally, they’re built to last – which is why they’re such a popular choice among guitarists.

The Epiphone Casino Revolution is one of the first guitars to feature Kluson tuners in many years. So, if you’re looking for an instrument that offers high-quality tuning capabilities and an authentic vintage look and feel, then this may be the perfect guitar for you!

Steve Lennon’s Epiphone Casino Revolution Comes with Kluson Tuners!

There has been a lot of buzz in the online guitar community about Steve Lennon’s new Epiphone Casino Revolution. Lennon, who is known for his work with the band The Pigeon Detectives and as a solo artist, designed the new Casino Revolution himself. It’s no surprise that he put a lot of thought into this instrument, as it is clear that he is passionate about guitars.

One of the most notable features of the Casino Revolution is its Kluson tuners. Kluson has been making tuning heads since the 1930s, and their products are known for their quality and durability. So, it’s great to see that Lennon chose to equip his new guitar with them.

The Kluson tuners not only look great, but they also work flawlessly. They keep the guitar in tune no matter how hard you play it, which is essential for any musician. Whether you’re playing on stage or in the studio, you can rely on these tuners to get the job done.

In addition to the Kluson tuners, Lennon also outfitted the Casino Revolution with a pair of Seymour Duncan Seth Lover humbuckers. These pickups provide a rich, full sound that is perfect for rock and blues music. They will make your guitar sound amazing whether you’re playing at home or in front of a crowd.

So, if you’re looking for a high-quality guitar that looks and sounds great, be sure to check out the Epiphone Casino Revolution. It’s sure to revolutionize your playing experience!

Kluson Tuners Featured on New Epiphone Casino Revolution Guitar

Epiphone has announced a new Casino Revolution guitar, which features Kluson tuning machines.

Kluson tuning machines are some of the most popular and trusted guitar tuners on the market, and have been used by guitarists for decades. They are known for their quality, reliability, and accuracy.

The new Casino Revolution guitar features two Kluson tuning machines in the headstock, as well as two on the body. This ensures that the guitar will stay in tune no matter how you play it.

Kluson tuning machines are a great choice for any guitarist, whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been playing for years. They provide accurate tuning and consistent performance, so you can focus on your music instead of your gear.

If you’re looking for a quality set of tuners that will help you get the most out of your guitar, Kluson is the perfect choice. Check out the Casino Revolution today to see for yourself!